Net Service Form Spam Protection

Netservice has implemented a spam handling mechanism for websites we host, or for websites where emails are sent to customers to whom we provide email hosting.  Our spam handling mechanism works as follows:

The majority of spam includes links to drive traffic, yet the majority of contact forms don't require links in contact forms.  By using some extra code in your form you can instruct our mail server to drop any forms that include any URLs in the body of the message.   The requirements are:

  • Your website is hosted on one of our Web Servers or your email goes through our system and
  • The email contains a URL and
  • The form includes an indication that emails containing links are spam.

In order to implement this, simply ensure that the email sent by the form includes the word "NoURLSPlease" in either the body or in a header of the message sent by the form.   When our server sees that keyword, if there are any URLs in the message it will be dropped as spam.

Note that if your form has a signature (eg the default signature from Contact Form 7) that this is edited so the url of the site is not included with the form.

If you want us to help with this - just reach out.