Hacked Website Recovery Service

If your website is compromised, we can help.  We offer a very affordable service to recover and host hacked websites.   Better yet, our hosting platform is designed to reduce the likelyhood of your site being compromised, and to proactively detect it early if it is - which allows us to mostly eliminate problems associated with hacked sites.
Our platform includes many hacking protections, including many specific to WordPress.  Because we build this into our platform, it has the advantages of  of speeding up hosting because many attacks are thwarted before they reach the website, and are done efficiently at the OS level rather then inefficiently within WordPress.

Web Based File Access

While we certainly offer FTP access to websites hosted on our dedicated platform, we recognise that this is not always convenient for our clients.   When enabled, clients can access their web hosting files through a web interface as well - If this is of interest, please reach out to us to enable this for you.  Once you have access you can go to https://your.website/tinyfilemanager to log in and manage your files.